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CP Mad Libs

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A brand new Club Penguin book is available in stores! The new book is called “Club Penguin Mad Libs”. It’s just like the original Mad Libs books, except this book contains 21 Mad Lib stories about Club Penguin!


As of now, you can not unlock the Club Penguin Mad Libs book with book codes. Once Club Penguin allows us to, I will try my best to get Club Penguin Mad Libs Book Codes! You can get the new Club Penguin book on Amazon online or at Borders. Are you getting the new Club Penguin Mad Libs book?

Dont know what Mad Libs is? Its where you full in stuff and read a funny story with nouns, adjectives, ect..


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Card-jitsu Update

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Recently, Club Penguin announced the new journey for ninjas : Card-Jitsu Fire! Ever since then, Many penguins have been very curious and anxious for more information on this. This past Friday, The Fire Dojo was released. Currently, Construction is going on there. However, It has been said that Card-Jitsu Fire will be completely Released November 24, 2009!


When Card-Jitsu Fire is released, We will be able to play with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 players! Other then that, The game will be the same as the old Card Jitsu Game. However, There will be new cards this time. Also, you will still be unlock cards with codes and all that snazzy fun stuff! Are you excited? I am!

Thanks credits to CD=Chrisdog


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Card-Jitsu Fire Update

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Credits to:

Hey Guys,

OMG! I found something really cool, its a new Card Jitsu Game!, well what you see in this pic below it just a video, If you want to see it the link will be down blow the pic, well check it out, so awesome xD


Here is the words to the card jitsu video

It started as a myth born out of the shadows, a mysterious figure appeared to train those willing in the ancient art of card-jitsu. This journey requires patience, practice, power, and hot sauce… lots of hot sauce. For those who defeat Sensei and become ninjas, things are heating up. A new challenge has presented itself. Are you ready to master the element of fire?

Click here to view the secret video about Card-Jitsu Fire! This video will teach you all about the new challenge coming for member ninjas on Club Penguin!


There will be a new game for the Members of card jitsu,  it will be out soon! Tell me what you think thanks well bye!

Rock On!


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Yes, i need workers and if u wanna join u got the job!

Just comment below and this blog will look amazing soon!

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No, im back here going to post more things. Clubpenguinpros is a bad website to work for or go to. I went there and they treat me like trash after the first few weeks. I dont like the owner Jgires…he is self-centered and treated me like granet. His CP cheats stink and please ontuine to stay with rihardbuhl cheats!

~Thank you~

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